Michigan International Trade Association 

“Promoting free and fair international trade;
helping our members improve global business opportunities.”

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The organizers of the Michigan International Trade Association (MITA) invite you to become a Charter Member.

As a Charter Member, your company will be helping establish a much needed and useful association: an organization uniquely focused on increasing international trade for the benefit of its members.

The Michigan International Trade Association is dedicated to establishing programs, events and services that will make MITA the major resource and first point of inquiry for international trade information in the Greater Detroit Area. MITA is also developing partnerships with other business promotion groups outside the Detroit area.

The Michigan International Trade Association is developing a respected forum for discussions on international business issues; a place to exchange information and develop new business opportunities. MITA will work with other entities that now offer international business services to improve existing business information resources, a cooperative effort to benefit all companies doing business in or from the Detroit area.

The Michigan International Trade Association’s long-term goal is to establish an actual trade center - an office that will be a business conference center and a trade/convention center that will bring together buyers and sellers from around the globe, as well as host industry conventions.

Michigan International Trade Association members reflect the diverse business demographics of Michigan, with membership from private business (both local and multinational), government agencies (including foreign consulates and trade offices) and educational institutions.

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